Timeshift Messenger is a totally unique alternative to annoying meetings and glitchy conference calls at awkward hours, and is designed to be simple, quick, and targeted at remote or distributed teams.

Increasingly everyone is happy to give voice commands to their phone, but they are still typing messages to their friends and colleagues by-hand. At Fearless Tools we believe that we can make better use of the rich media and voice-to-text technology available and bring back human interaction.

Collaboration platforms like Basecamp are revolutionising how teams work but they rely on lots of typing. People are ditching face 2 face meetings to type out descriptions and questions into conversations. This is showing proven benefits for flexibility, remote or distributed teams, and quality of work but at Fearless Tools we believe we lose something that way.

Timeshift Messenger combines simple media recording on any platform with familiar threaded conversations for teams. It’s cloud-based so there is no sending waiting, and the recordings are available immediately – even whilst they are still in progress. All media recording are transcribed to text using best-in-class AI from our voice partner so they can be search and read later. This gathers useful business intelligence to be mined and used.

Compared to a live meeting, you can start a Timeshift topic whenever you like, just hit record and present what you need to say. Your team can join, watch, listen and comment/reply whenever they like. Just like an email conversation but without the typing.

Timeshift integrates with collaboration platforms easily because of its cloud-based setup. Basecamp can already benefit from full integration and have the Timeshift transcriptions delivered straight into existing discussions.


Fearless Tools is not funded by billionaires or private equity. It’s a privately owned UK business trying to provide a real alternative. It’s founder is an experienced manager and AGILE coach who has worked remotely for 20yrs and understands the challenges it brings for business and for remote employees.

Find out more at our website http://fearlesstools.cloud/timeshift/