HEREFORDSHIRE – Timeshift is all about making discussion, collaboration and team working easier. This is why Fearless Tools, the makers of the innovative platform, have ensured full and seamless integration with other applications that share the same goals – such as the project management software Basecamp.

Record and play media messages in basecamp discussions.

Timeshift users can now link their Basecamp accounts, to bring all of their Basecamp discussions into one simple interface. If Basecamp works for you as a project management tool, there’s no need to make a switch – so why not have the best of both worlds?

Bringing Basecamp and Timeshift together will significantly enhance and enrich your discussions, bringing them to life with video, audio and screen-shares. Add your team, integrate Basecamp with Timeshift and start getting things done – it’s as simple as that.  It’s almost like working in the same room as your collaborators, except that you can manage productivity and your time the way you need to.

Business is never productive or efficient when parts of conversations are in different places, from emails to different messaging platforms. It’s just not a good use of your time to be searching different apps for the information you need. This is why bringing Timeshift and Basecamp discussions together is such a smart move, and it’s so easy to set up.

Once you’ve subscribed for a Timeshift account, simply click here to authorise access to your Basecamp account. Timeshift will synchronise discussions on both platforms, giving you the option to choose which interface suits you best.

Once you’re happy, you can then carry on the discussion with your choice of media, bringing Timeshift media recording functionality into the mix. You can use it to record meetings, where Timeshift transcribes it into text for you and adds it to the Basecamp discussion. You can also play existing conversations just like a podcast with text-to-voice, perfect for those all-too-familiar situations when you’re short on time. All replies are threaded, organised the way you want them to be and available to access in a quick and convenient way.

Timeshift is an innovative all-platform voice, text and video messenger designed to transform the way we work, boost productivity and eliminate time drains. It’s cloud-based for access anywhere at any time, and customisable to suit you.

Click here to sign up for a Timeshift subscription, or get in touch with the Timeshift team to find out more about using this comprehensive communication solution and integrating Basecamp with Timeshift.